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Basic Guides to GNU/Linux

This site contains basic and helpful guides to, and information about, the GNU/Linux computer Operating System, with a bias toward the Debian distribution.

The guides are intended for those new to GNU/Linux and are more a collection of helpful practical notes than an attempt to offer a comprehensive user guide. This site is intentionally simple so as to be readily accessable to browsers such as lynx.

GNU/Linux Information:

What is GNU/Linux?

Why Choose Debian GNU/Linux?

Talking Freedom: Free Software or Ease of Use?

In Praise of the Console: Do You Really Need X?

GNU/Linux Guides:

Using Debian GNU/Linux

Lynx Friendly!

Notes on Installing Debian GNU/Linux

Ethernet Configuration: Debian

Simple LAN: Debian

Beginning Emacs

Simple dotemacs file

Using VM - A Mail User Agent for Emacs


Debian GNU/Linux

Linux Guides and Documentation

Free Software Foundation